Expert Testimony Services

Dr. Kamin provides litigation consulting and expert testimony services on economic and financial issues. He has been retained in more than 600 matters and has testified for both plaintiffs and defendants in hundreds of depositions and over 75 trials and arbitrations. In the area of commercial damages, Dr. Kamin has been retained to opine on:

  • recovery of lost profits damages resulting from breach of contract or various business torts;
  • diminished goodwill and business value including in eminent domain in California;
  • damages from infringement of California intellectual property, including patent damage, trademark damages, copyright damages, trade dress and misappropriation of trade secrets;
  • patterns of conduct indicative of antitrust violations and antitrust damages.

Valuation of damages requires application of a range of skills in economics, financial analysis and financial accounting. Dr. Kamin’s expertise in all of the necessary areas often eliminates the need to retain separate experts. There is a significant gain of efficiency from having one damage expert witness who can integrate and analyze all of the relevant data.

As an economic expert Los Angeles has a versatile resource in Dr. Kamin. In Los Angeles intellectual property damages are ably analyzed by Dr. Kamin.

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