Expert Testimony Services

Industries and Businesses

Dr. Kamin’s experience as an economic damages expert and a finance expert witness has involved a broad variety of industries and businesses, including retail auto sales and financing, commercial printing, cosmetics sales and manufacturing, scientific instruments, apparel, aircraft parts distribution, commercial real estate, real estate brokerage, electronics manufacturing and distribution, beer wholesale distribution, insurance and reinsurance, banking, trucking, automotive accessories and services, health care, entertainment, petroleum products distribution, furniture manufacturing, electric power generation, pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, staffing services, janitorial products distribution, distribution of cattle feed grain, sports eyewear, metal fabrication, food manufacturing, toys, software, transaction processing, waste management, internet marketing, securities, water purification, photocopying, mechanical component manufacturing, agriculture, construction, professional sports, sporting goods manufacturing, security systems, aviation, telecommunications systems, building materials, and others.