Professional Exprerience

The Aerospace Corporation

Dr. Kamin joined The Aerospace Corporation’s Economic Evaluation Directorate.  Aerospace is the largest Federal Contract Research Center.  Its primary mission is consultation on systems architecture and integration for the Space Division of the U.S. Air Force. Aerospace diversified into consulting on systems architecture and engineering in the areas of energy and natural resources for other federal government departments, including Energy, Interior and Transportation.  Dr. Kamin conducted numerous studies of the financial and economic feasibility of large-scale energy systems in the fields of solar energy generation and oil-and-gas production, distribution and storage (for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve).

Dr. Kamin published a research paper in the Energy Journal, based on this work, that showed how to integrate considerations of external economic benefits in assessing the economic feasibility of new energy technologies.  Dr. Kamin was principal investigator of the economic and financial feasibility of construction of an oil pipeline to carry Alaskan oil from Port Angeles, Washington to Chicago.  President Carter approved construction of the pipeline.